We want to thank everybody who attended our finial auction of 2012 last night, as well as those that have supported us throughout the past year. It’s been a great experience that we look forward to continuing into the coming year.

We hope that everyone who came to one of our auctions enjoyed themselves and plan on returning next year. There is no telling what you will see! Each auction is always unique and offers a range of items that you can’t find anywhere else.

And while everyone has their hands full this time of year, I thought I would share a few items that have recently sold at auction. They are some examples of what might be sitting around in your attic or basement, just to get you thinking…

leica cameraA 1955 b...

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“Auction” comes from from the Latin word “augeĊ” which means “I increase” or “I augment”. Prior to the seventeenth century, although used, auctions were few and far between. The more common methods are still ones we use today, haggling and set-price.

The beginnings of auctions go so far back in time no one knows who, how, or when they started. But we do know that the Greeks were using auctions to sell their daughters as wives. Actually, if you sold your daughter outside of an auction, you were breaking the law. Seems reasonable.

Romans would auction off the spoils of war, including people as slaves, to help pay for their wars. It was also popular to auction off family estates as well. In fa...

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